What We Do:

Top Notch Bookkeeping is a professional bookkeeping service that offers bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses nationwide. We handle the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business, and also ensure that your year-end books are meticulously prepared for your accountant or tax preparer.

Who We Serve:

Small to medium sized businesses, all across the United States. From “one-person working from home” to an insurance office to an auto repair shop to a local manufacturer or small retail chain to everything in between, we’ll handle your books and ensure that everything is perfect, checks are cut, invoices paid, and the numbers are right.

Why Top Notch Bookkeeping?

To start, we’re an exceptional bookkeeping service. President Jo Ellen Peters has 18 years of experience in bookkeeping, is a QuickBooks expert, and is also well-versed in the latest technology.

We also offer an array of bookkeeping services that are perfectly suited for almost any sized business – some smaller businesses just need basic bookkeeping; others might need more complex solutions, like payroll and similar. And still others just might need a little help with QuickBooks – we can work with all of these businesses, and get them exactly what they need.

We work remotely – you could say we’re your “virtual bookkeeper”, although we don’t like that term, because we’re as “real” as it gets. It’s just instead of you schlepping boxes of papers to us, you’ll e-mail the information to us (we’ll help you if needed). It’s all very simple (and even elegant) in practice – once you see how well we can handle your books, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without us.

We’d be happy to discuss any bookkeeping solutions with you. Just click here for a free consultation.

About President Jo Ellen Peters:

Thank you for coming to Top Notch Bookkeeping and taking the time to learn a little about my company. The above sections have given you a good idea of what my company does, so I’ll tell you a little about the person who’s “running the store”.

During my years as a bookkeeper, I worked for a variety of companies, across several different industries. They all had one thing in common: they were small companies with no knowledge of how to keep a set of books or how to do payroll.  The owners of these companies were busy growing their businesses, managing employees, and trying to make a profit. They didn’t have time to do the daily activities required to keep a set of books, which is important for every business (truth be told, all businesses should know their financial position at any given time.)

Thus, I handled everything, and became quite adept at “small business bookkeeping”. And our accountants couldn’t be more pleased at year end.

When the opportunity arose, I started Top Notch Bookkeeping in order to help all businesses in the same position as the companies I had previously worked with. I also became quite adept with technology, and saw that I could work for anyone, anywhere. This really opened a lot of doors.

With my experience as a Full Charge Bookkeeper, I can take your financial information remotely, enter it in an accounting program, produce financial statements, handle payroll, reporting, etc (truth be told, I really like doing Payroll, and look forward to paydays!)

I’m also a QuickBooks expert, and can offer you QuickBooks help as well. Even though QuickBooks is fairly user-friendly, it sometimes helps to have an expert around. That’s me.

To give you a few personal credentials, I have over 18 years experience as a bookkeeper, the last 14 years at a CPA firm with clients from a variety of industries.  I attended college at Marshall University in Huntington, WV; am a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers; and I’m also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

I remain ready, willing, and able to help. Click here for a free consultation.

Top Notch Bookkeeping.